Efficient Labeling Solution: Introducing the LFLBR-124032 Rotary Round Bottle Labeler by Pharmapack

The LFLBR-124032 rotary round bottle labeler, proudly developed by Pharmapack, offers an efficient solution for labeling round bottles. This advanced round bottle labeling machine operates on a well-designed working principle, ensuring precise and consistent labeling results.

Ingenious Bottle Handling

The journey begins as the bottle seamlessly flows from the upstream to the Bottle Infeed Screw. This ingenious mechanism ensures a steady and even separation of bottles, setting the stage for a flawless labeling process. The bottles are then meticulously transported to the operation desktop via the Star Wheel, guaranteeing accurate positioning for the upcoming labeling steps.

Constant Rotation for Perfect Label Placement

Once on the operation desktop, the magic unfolds as it begins to rotate constantly. This rotation propels each station forward, presenting bottles to the A&B labeling heads. These heads, in a synchronized dance, dispense labels onto the bottles in the precise order of 1212. The result is a perfectly labeled bottle, each and every time.

Secure Label Attachment with Rotary Bottle Mechanism

The labeling process reaches its zenith with the Rotary bottle mechanism. This innovative feature ensures that the labels are not just applied but are tightly fixed onto the bottles. This guarantees a professional and secure attachment, meeting the highest standards of labeling in the industry.


In conclusion, the round bottle labeling machine by Pharmapack is a testament to precision and efficiency in labeling technology. Its ingenious working principle, coupled with features like the Rotary bottle mechanism, elevates the labeling experience. Invest in Pharmapack’s round bottle labeling machine for a labeling solution that sets the standard in the market.

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