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Elevate Millimeter Wave Radar Testing with Sunyield’s SYCR Compact Range

Sunyield, a leading provider of advanced measurement solutions, presents the SYCR series, a compact range antenna measurement developed by Sunvey Technologies. Designed specifically for millimeter wave radar testing, the SYCR series offers a comprehensive solution for evaluating and designing millimeter wave radar systems. With different sizes available, these compact range systems create an ideal experimental environment for automotive radars, military/police radar products, and civilian millimeter wave antennas, including reflector antennas and 5G communication antennas.

Unlock the Potential of Millimeter Wave Radar Testing

Sunyield’s SYCR series unlocks the full potential of millimeter wave radar testing. With its wide frequency band coverage and compact design, this range of measurement systems provides accurate and reliable testing capabilities for various applications. From automotive radars to military/police radar products and civilian millimeter wave antennas, the SYCR series ensures comprehensive evaluation and optimization of radar system performance.

 Versatile Functionality and Customization Options
The bias feed design of Sunyield’s integral curling surface systems enables both active and passive testing, providing flexibility for various testing scenarios. Additionally, these systems are equipped with a multi-dimensional bearing turntable, allowing for precise positioning and orientation during testing. The test tooling and electric auxiliary shafts can be customized according to user requirements, ensuring optimal compatibility and adaptability. The inclusion of a movable base further enhances convenience, allowing users to easily place and deploy the system as needed.


Sunyield‘s SYCR Compact Range series is the ultimate solution for elevating millimeter wave radar testing. Designed for automotive radars, military/police radar products, and civilian millimeter wave antennas, these compact range measurement systems provide the optimal experimental environment for accurate and efficient testing. Trust Sunyield to deliver cutting-edge solutions that enhance your millimeter wave radar testing capabilities, ensuring optimal performance and design optimization.

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