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Mystery Shopping: The Best Practices, Tips and Techniques for you

All companies want to be on top of the priority list of their customers. They want to be their customer’s preferred choice. To do so, companies often indulge in different practices and methods to improve their products and services. One such way that is commonly used is mystery shopping.

What is secret shopping, or mystery shopping, as you call it? It is a popular way where a company hires a third party to send in a mystery shopper to assess the company’s services or any other aspects of their business. Businesses prefer mystery shopping because it can help assess even minute details like whether the customer was greeted when he entered the premises.

Mystery shopping is a great way to understand your business and see where it stands among other competitors. But you must understand some of the best practices you must follow when you opt for any Secret Shopping Program. These practices are more like tips and techniques that help you reap the most benefits from the program. Here’s a list of them:

  1. Only grade key metrics

When you begin with the program, you identify some key metrics to focus on. Your entire program focuses on these metrics, and thus, the assessment should focus on these too.

Define whether you want to assess employee behavior towards customers or evaluate the premises or any other important thing. When you design the Secret Shopping questionnaire, you must ensure the inclusion of only relevant questions.

  1.     Keep most of the questions objective.

While discussing how to design your questionnaire, let’s discuss another critical practice related to the same.

While subjective questions require the mystery shopper to remember many things, objective questions make it easy for the shopper to assess the business without forgetting anything important. Objective questions can be quickly answered while doing the fieldwork, which will give you authentic results.

  1.     Limit the total observations required.

Most business owners believe one secret shopping visit will give them all the necessary information. They think the shopper can identify all loopholes in a single visit and report back correctly. However, they don’t understand that limiting the number of observations required in one visit will only give them better feedback and reports.

  1.     Choose the right program partner.

An experienced partner who offers you expertise, the best tools, and provides customized solutions is the right partner for you! Thus, please ensure you background check your partner’s experience in the mystery shopping business.

  1.     Work as a team

When we answered your question- What is secret shopping; We informed you that this method helps businesses assess and identify the truth about their services. So, working alone would not work for you. You must work as a team with your mystery shopping program, trust the process and stay committed to gaining the best results.

Things don’t change overnight, but a step forward in the right direction makes a lot of difference. Mystery shopping might be a long process, but it has proved to help several businesses. And we hope that these practices and tips will help you even more!

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