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Sungrow’s 2GW PV + BESS Plant in Qinghai, China: Pioneering Renewable Energy Solutions and Grid Stability

Sungrow, the world’s most bankable solar power inverter brand, has taken a giant stride towards revolutionizing the renewable energy landscape with its groundbreaking 2 GW PV + 200MW/200MWh BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) project in Qinghai, China. This remarkable endeavor marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of addressing renewable energy clipping loss and ensuring grid stability. As China’s largest standalone PV-plus-storage project, and the world’s first to adopt a DC coupling scheme with string inverters, Sungrow reaffirms its position as a global leader in clean power conversion technology.

Unraveling the Challenges of Renewable Energy Clipping Loss

In the quest to harness solar power to its fullest potential, renewable energy clipping loss has emerged as a pressing challenge. This phenomenon occurs when solar power generation exceeds grid capacity, leading to valuable energy going untapped. Sungrow’s visionary 2 GW PV + BESS plant offers an ingenious solution to this challenge. By integrating a cutting-edge 200MW/200MWh BESS, surplus solar energy can be stored and subsequently released during peak demand periods, eliminating clipping loss and maximizing energy utilization.

Paving the Way for Grid Stability

Grid stability is a paramount concern for any large-scale renewable energy project. Sungrow’s PV + BESS plant not only addresses clipping loss but also plays a pivotal role in ensuring grid stability. With a colossal capacity of 2 GW, the plant can effectively balance the intermittent nature of solar power and bridge the gap between demand and supply. This enhanced grid stability contributes to a more reliable and resilient energy infrastructure, ultimately fostering sustainable growth.

Pioneering Innovations in Solar Integration

As a trailblazer in the renewable energy sector, Sungrow has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation. The DC coupling scheme with string inverters utilized in the project represents a groundbreaking approach to solar integration. By directly coupling the PV panels and batteries, the plant achieves higher efficiency and seamless energy conversion. This pioneering approach not only enhances overall system performance but also serves as a model for future PV-plus-storage projects worldwide.


Sungrow’s 2 GW PV + BESS plant in Qinghai, China stands as a testament to the company’s relentless pursuit of pioneering clean energy solutions. By addressing renewable energy clipping loss and ensuring grid stability, Sungrow continues to lead the way in clean power conversion technology. With its innovative DC coupling scheme and string inverters, this project represents a milestone in the global transition towards sustainable and reliable renewable energy systems. As Sungrow continues to spearhead groundbreaking initiatives, the world can look forward to a greener, more sustainable future powered by cutting-edge clean energy solutions.

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