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Unveiling the Robust C28 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors by Din electronics

In the world of electronic components, the demand for high-quality capacitors that can endure extreme conditions without compromising performance is on the rise. Din electronics addresses this need with their C28 metallized polypropylene film capacitors – a reliable solution for high-voltage applications.

Understanding the C28 Capacitors

When it comes to high-voltage capacitors, the C28 series from Din electronics stands out. These capacitors are engineered to withstand high excess voltage shocks, making them an ideal choice for applications where voltage spikes are common. The unique negative temperature coefficient of capacitance ensures stable performance across varying temperature ranges, providing consistent reliability in diverse environments.

Exceptional Flame Retardancy and Moisture Resistance

One notable feature of the C28 capacitors is their exceptional flame retardancy. In electronic systems where fire safety is paramount, these high-voltage capacitors offer an added layer of protection. The metallized polypropylene film construction enhances flame resistance, making them a reliable choice for critical applications.

Moisture can be a nemesis for electronic components, causing degradation and performance issues. Din electronics has addressed this concern by designing the C28 capacitors to be moisture-proof. This feature ensures longevity and reliability, even in environments with high humidity levels.

Applications in Focus

The C28 metallized polypropylene film capacitors find applications in a range of industries, including power electronics, telecommunications, and automotive systems. Their ability to handle high voltages makes them suitable for power inverters, motor drives, and other high-performance devices where reliable capacitors are essential.

Reliable Performance in Demanding Environments

Engineers and designers appreciate the C28 capacitors for their reliability in demanding environments. Whether it’s a high-voltage power supply or a critical automotive component, these high-voltage capacitors deliver consistent performance without the need for exaggeration.


Din electronics’ C28 metallized polypropylene film capacitors offer a robust and reliable solution for high-voltage applications. With features like high excess voltage tolerance, negative temperature coefficient, flame retardancy, and moisture resistance, these capacitors meet the stringent requirements of diverse industries. When it comes to dependable performance without the need for flashy claims, the C28 capacitors speak for themselves.

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